by Jack

3 weeks with the Moto 360

Unboxing and initial thoughts

I ordered a watch from O2, and they apparently shipped a whole bunch early, so, good for me. It was the black one with a black strap.

The box is nice, and well presented. Given that I ordered one of these as soon as they became available, I guess I’m probably a little bit biased.

So it’s out the box and on the charger, and is fully charged in about an hour. Not to bad. Shortly followed by an update, which boosted battery life. A second update recently has also added the ability to hide notifications from the watch face till you pull them up, which is nice.

Daily usage

So I kinda knew this was going to be of limited actual use, in that I have no use case where this has a life changing benefit to me. But it is more useful than I imagined it would be.

So heart rate monitor - not convinced how accurate this is - I’m a fairly slothful individual, but I basically never really reach any high rate, although, really I’m loath to wear this whilst exercising.

Steps - useful but hit and miss. With google fit coming out earlier this week we will have to see how this improves. Looking at how little I can move on some days is a good motivator to just get out the house for a bit.

Things I have found quite useful:

  • Voice activated timers and stopwatches in the kitchen. Oh god so useful when you have hands covered in oil or whatever.
  • Answering calls and controlling music on my bluetooth headphones.
  • Ability to quickly view messages and emails and pop off quick responses without having to pull my phone out. When checking messages it’s a lot less intrusive when your with others, and also limits distractions.
  • Google now cards, I like google now, and this is a nice way of showing you contextual information, which I think the phone suffers with, as you have to actively go to the google now page.
  • Watch faces - there are some really nice ones, and I suspect that these will be a popular method of delivery.

Things I want to see:

  • Be able to create a hangout message, rather than just an SMS with voice.
  • Be able to see images sent via hangouts.
  • Be able to do an image search and see top results on the watch.

Battery life

Oh god it’s awful. I mean, it’s not terrible, if ambient mode is off, it will easily last a long day from when I strap it on at 7 to when I go to bed at 10. But if ambient mode is on, it typically runs out under 12 hours, which is just not good enough. Don’t buy it with the idea you can have an always on screen.