by Jack

Command Line URLEncoder and post Program

I got a bit frustrated trying to find a Windows based URLEncoder to run at the command line. I found cURL, but it doesn’t quite do what I want.

The following download contains a useful command line tool to do some basic things. It requires .NET 3.5.

You can use it to encode the data required for a POST to either a file or as output.

It will also take the POST data, encode it and POST it to a URL if required.

You can submit the data via input files (up to 2) or via command line arguments.

Some working examples:

Basic encode the phrase ‘Lots of d$sh!’ to command line output:

urlencode.exe -e Lots of d$sh!



Post contents of the file to web address:

urlencode.exe -i file1.txt -p

More details in the readme.exe